Digital Era gives Skilled Cinderellas a Ticket to the Ball

Red carpet for fame

This is the era of opportunity – if you have the skills. This is the era where Cinderellas that are locked into a social structure with less opportunity and ability to change their prospects, can now begin to stretch and gain access to a new momentum stream that will allow them to see the lights and glamour of Ball – the digital era Ball. But be aware, entry to the Ball will not be by invitation so don’t wait – it will be by skills – skills with currency continuously nurtured with knowledge for relevancy and application to a customer benefit-gain.

This is an era where friction barriers can be lifted or ignored; new bridges can be built, drawbridges can be lowered and new paths can be carved – so don’t waste it.


A ticket to the Ball will require a big effort – it will require Cinderellas to aim to fly higher, higher than they have ever imagined. Don’t let the friction barriers block or provide the illusion of exclusion – this is the time to dig deep into the knowledge pool to unleash creative potential. It is not a time to wait for someone to give permission because for those that wait, the opportunity will become elusive. But aiming to fly higher isn’t about someone providing the wings; it is about growing the wings. It is a time to allow imaginations to see a bigger perspective on what is possible. But the catch is to stay grounded – building the knowledge tree to feed skills with currency will not come without sacrifice and endurance – a ticket to the Ball will require commitment.


The shifting era is putting judgement into the spotlight. Accessing the valuable connected knowledge pool doesn’t provide guidelines for exercising judgement – it will only come down to making a choice between what is right and what is wrong. The internet and other sources are a rich conveyer of knowledge that can be engaged to feed the development of skills – but the choice is to leverage and develop from it rather than being an imitation of it. Those that can grow and create to add-value by exercising good judgement will be rewarded with a ticket to the Ball.


The tools of the trade can mean different things to different people but in the digital age it will mean some level of mastery of the digital tools. The opportunity is to understand what tools will need to be part of your tool-kit, i.e. what will add-value and deliver on a customer benefit -gain. The engagement of the tools and becoming a master of their power to unleash individual and business potential will create opportunity and provide a ticket to the Ball.


The digital era has given a new dimension to the power of a community. They are now ‘power source hubs’ not restricted by borders or cultures; consisting of highly skilled individuals and liked-minded groups connected virtually that can reshape and empower propositions. They are producing a new energy source of shared interests and passions that form centres where competition can be fierce.  These are the hubs where skilled Cinderellas can grow their wings – where skills with currency are valued by their customers without regard for their background. Plugging into this charged source can change structures and will provide a ticket to the Ball for those who want to engage and compete for the customer.


This is the age where choices to develop and grow knowledge and skill bases will matter. If you choose to lose knowledge currency and fall behind in your skill development then this era shift will be difficult.  This era will see individuals as products; centres of power to add-value to propositions and play a role in building customer benefit-gains.  If you choose to not engage or take responsibility for your own development and deflect responsibility for your place in the learning curve; then opportunities will begin to diminish and your efforts will be judged to not add-value to an organisation’s proposition.

As the era heats up, skill sets will be highly valued.  Choosing to stay in the status-quo and not adapting and changing will not provide a ticket to the Ball. But for those of you that take responsibility for your learning curves, will not only see you with a ticket to the Ball – but dancing at the Ball.

For those of you with skill currency, the Prince and his Kingdom will need you at the Ball. They will have the means but the Cinderellas will have the skills. These are the skills that will build new pathways and bridges for growth and development – an essential component of the new business sustainability equation for the changing era.